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Questions and submissions should be directed to Kaveh Mama or kmama@thedeal.com with the subject Bylined Articles .

Subject matter:
The Deal covers mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcies/restructurings, financings, private equity, corporate governance and similar subjects. We welcome original comment and analysis of issues, trends and events of interest to the dealmaking community - investment bankers, senior corporate dealmakers, private equity professionals, attorneys, accountants and so forth.

Articles submitted for The Deal Pipeline should be no longer than 1,500 words. The article must not contain any charts, graphs, diagrams, photographs or illustrations.

Authors should bear in mind that our audience is knowledgeable, sophisticated and busy. Articles should be conversational, but concise, focused and to the point. The model should be newspaper op-ed pieces - not journal articles or academic studies.

  • Articles should NOT contain subheadings, footnotes or endnotes. Citations to legal authorities generally should be limited to case names, short form statute titles and regulation headings.
  • Articles should avoid mentioning the name of the author's firm, as we want to avoid even the hint of self-promotion or conflict of interest; the author-ID line at the end will identify the firm.

As a rule, The Deal does not run disclaimers. Editorial style assumes that the author's work does not represent a legal opinion or an official company position.

The Deal reserves the right to edit the article for spelling, grammar and punctuation and to abridge the article if it exceeds 1,500 words. We reserve the right to change headlines and will be unable to honor requests to modify it once published, including for reasons of employee hires or departures, etc. Deadline pressures preclude us from sending galleys to authors for approval.

We insist that The Deal be given an exclusive option on articles for 30 days. That is, an article sent to us may not be shopped to other publications for 30 days or until we issue a rejection. The article must not have been previously published. Once published on The Deal Pipeline, an article cannot be republished in another news outlet for a period of three months. 

Form of submission:
The article must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (PDFs are not accepted). The submission must include each author's name, title, office and firm.

Timing of publication:
Article submissions will take up to 10 business days to publish from the time of acceptance. Submission contact will be notified once submission has published with a link to the article.

Articles published appear on our news service, The Deal Pipeline, which is used by 40,000+ practitioners involved in M&A, out-of-court restructurings, small-cap equity financings, private equity and bankruptcies. For those companies & practitioners with an existing profile page, the article will publish on each of those pages. Profiles will not be created for firms without an existing profile page. 

To have your article featured in an issue of The Daily Deal, please contact Kaveh Mama at kmama@thedeal.com for pricing.

Reprints & Permissions:
To learn more about reprints & permissions of your byline article, please contact reprints@thedeal.com.

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