Blockchain: Connecting the Dots Along the Dealmaking Process
Thursday, November 15, 2018 – 1:00 PM ET

Is a new wave of blockchain conversation coming? In what seemed like an instant, the cloud went from barely more than a talking point to an ever-expanding reality. Today the cloud has all but replaced consumer’s reliance on physical storage, and concepts such as edge computing have technology companies grappling with moving the cloud from a centralized environment to distributed smart devices across the globe for better access. A similar transformation may be coming for blockchain technology, which today is largely used to store and move data related to cryptocurrencies in a secure manner by scattering that data across thousands of nodes in a network. In partnership with Intralinks, The Deal will examine one potential benefactor of that transformation: the M&A universe. Can blockchain increase the transparency and efficiency of dealmaking? Does a day come when an entire audit of a deal’s execution can be done within the chain? And will the technology help connect dealmakers to regulators more quickly? Join us on November 15, when The Deal and Intralinks will shed light on this new technology in an effort to assist financial and legal service providers navigate the challenge of interlinking the traditional financial system with the crypto assets of the future.