BOARDEX a Service Of The Deal

BoardEx is a high-end networking platform for dealmakers. Founded in 1999, BoardEx coined the term “relationship capital”.

BoardEx is the world’s most powerful relationship capital service. It allows firms to leverage their most valuable asset, their "relationship capital", into a network of trusted, actionable relationships. The end result is a greatly improved ability for clients to evaluate, initiate or strengthen relationships across individuals, companies or industries.




BoardEx is the leader in Relationship Capital Management, providing relationship analysis and biographical information for over 750,000 of the world’s top, global business leaders. Combining this unique data with your own highly rated relationships enables powerful coverage of your clients and prospects. Over 200 blue chip investment banks, management consultancies, consultants, lawyers and corporations use the BoardEx global leadership database and proprietary analysis to support their client and business development activities.


High quality relationship data is at the core of BoardEx. Having gained a reputation after 14 years of creating the most reliable, accurate and in-depth data, BoardEx employs more than 300 analysts working in concert to provide the external relationship data. All data is researched using primary research techniques sourced from all publicly available information. Consequently, the biographical information is widely acknowledged in the industry as the gold standard for quality and reliability.


BoardEx’s proprietary analysis brings your organization’s relationship capital to bear on specific business objectives, at both a tactical and strategic level. Business Development professionals can identify and measure the relative importance of every direct and indirect relationship within the context of their engagement strategy. Taking advantage of opportunities to engage seemingly unaffiliated colleagues in competitive situations is just one of the many compelling reasons to adopt BoardEx for winning new business and reinforcing current relationships.


Much like financial capital, “relationship capital’ is needed for business growth. Advisory firms can use their employees’ “actionable relationships” as an ‘asset’ for accomplishing their high-level strategy of client or business development activities. Read below on how to successfully leverage your relationship capital to evaluate, initiate or strengthen your relationships across individuals, companies or industries.

Create your network of “actionable relationships”

Enter your best contacts into BoardEx in order to create your network of “actionable relationships” and assign strength to the relationship.

Connect your network with other contacts on BoardEx

BoardEx’s proprietary algorithm makes the connection between your ‘actionable relationships’ and other individuals in BoardEx using overlaps in experience, education or committees.

Ask questions

Search for your indirect and direct relationships to individuals, companies or industries through BoardEx’s search feature.


BoardEx allows global executive search firms to identify candidates, develop relationship and fully understand a candidates’ ‘relationship capital’ to executives or industries, all within our service.

Candidate identification and executive development

BoardEx includes the biographical information and the ‘actionable relationships’ on more than 750,000 of the world’s top business leaders. Combining the extensive BoardEx information with internal data and relationship knowledge provides a comprehensive view of experience, capabilities and relevant relationships.

Sophisticated understanding of the relationship capital of a prospective executive or board members

Market connectivity, both directly and indirectly, is often an important distinguishing characteristic among otherwise equally qualified candidates. While prospective hires can usually identify direct contacts, they are rarely aware of the indirect value of their best connections. Using a candidate’s key contact list, BoardEx can expand the view of that list to include the other influential business leaders they are connected to.

Developing relationships among emerging corporate leaders

It is of growing importance to companies to link their executives with critical people within their business or economic environment. BoardEx data and analysis are uniquely positioned to support these efforts by supplying the necessary connections between businesses, individuals and not-for-profit boards through our comprehensive leadership database of 750,000 individuals.


In much the same way as a for-profit uses “financial capital” to grow its business, your organization has “relationship capital” that it can use to identify and utilize high impact donors. By using BoardEx to find connections, the donors can provide warm introductions to prospects, help recruit board members and spread your mission’s message further.

Analyze Profiles Quickly

Use Advanced Search to research and analyze full profiles most relevant to your criteria. Profiles include current and past employment, education, activities, memberships and more.

Track Changes & Movements

Be alerted when you log in or receive email alerts for employment and activity changes of your contacts or individuals and companies you follow.

Identify Connections Easily

Use our criteria to identify connections through overlaps and then sort by strength of relationship.