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Meet the Journalists

Jeffrey Kanige

Editor in Chief

Anthony Baldo

Managing Editor

Adam Steinhauer

Editor in Chief, West Coast Operations

Neil Malcolm

Assistant Managing Editor: Data Research

William McConnell

Assistant Managing Editor: Regulatory & Arbitrage

Paula Schaap

Assistant Managing Editor: Markets

Meghan Leerskov

Managing Editor, Small Cap Equity Finance

David Elman

Senior Editor: Bankruptcy

Jamie Mason

Senior Editor: Out of Court Restructuring

Lisa Allen

Senior Reporter: Out-of-Court Restructuring

Laura Board

International Editor

Jonathan Braude

Senior Writer: Global News

Michael D. Brown

Senior Reporter: Auctions

Andrew Bulkeley

Correspondent: Berlin

Kelsey Butler

Senior Reporter: Bankruptcy

Richard Collings

Senior Writer: Consumer Products & Retail

Renee Cordes

Correspondent: Brussels

Matthew Haas

Senior Editor: Data Content

James Summitt

Head of Research, PIPEs & SPACs

Michael Gatto

Senior Manager: M&A Data

Baz Hiralal

Online Editor: Movers & shakers

Paul Whitfield

Correspondent: Paris

Donna Horowitz

Senior Editor, Life Settlements

Eric Vermilya

Research Analyst

Jaewon Kang

Reporter, Auctions

Tatjana Kulkarni

Reporter: Auctions

Armie Margaret Lee

News Writer: Hedge Funds

Jenna Loceff

Senior Reporter

David Marcus

Senior Writer: Law Firms & Legal Issues

Bill Meagher

Associate Editor, Small Cap Equity Finance

Chris Nolter

Senior Writer: Media & Telecom

Bob O’Brien

Senior Writer, Private Equity

Kirk O’Neil

Associate Editor, Life Settlements

Ronald Orol

Senior Editor, Financial Regulation

Tom Park

Research Analyst, PIPEs

Claire Poole

Senior Writer: Energy

Sarah Pringle

Reporter: Auctions

Scott Stuart

Senior Writer: Arbitrage

Nils Van Liew

News Writer: Hedge Funds

Lou Whiteman

Senior Writer: Transportation

Andrew Hedlund

Bankruptcy Reporter

Laura Cooper

Senior Reporter