SPACS-Betting on the Jockey, Not the Horse
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 – 1:00 PM ET


In a traditional IPO, investors line up for a slice of ownership in a prized show pony. Whether it be a Silicon Valley unicorn bringing to market the next big social media app or an oilfield services firm targeting the resource rich Permian Basin of west Texas, these investors are betting on a proven race horse. But with the specialty acquisition company, or SPAC, investors must place their faith in a management team – the horseless jockey who has proven himself in the races past but has yet to locate his next steed. The SPAC market is improving every day, though, and as investors grow familiar with the space, more opportunities have become available. SPAC IPO issuance hit an all-time high in 2017 with over $13 billion raised, and 2018 represents another strong year for SPACs in the making. At this pivotal time, The Deal, in partnership with Loeb & Loeb, seeks to tackle the challenges that face SPACS, including communicating with key stakeholders, building credibility as an operating company and reaching new investors with long-term strategies in mind. Tune in June 20th as we attempt to provide key decision makers with the tools to bring a specialty acquisition company to market in today’s environment, and subsequently secure the best deal in the right amount of time.