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Procter & Gamble set to throw out the Duracell

The battery business has always been a peckish one, prone to flare ups of price wars. And selling disposable D-cells isn't as remunerative as it once was. Video

Darden highlights sale-leaseback's return: The Deal

Katie Barthmaier of W. P. Carey visits The Deal to talk about transaction trends, why more companies are exploring splitting off their address, and ways to generate profits in sale leasebacks. Video

Brookfield Infrastructure fires up cross Sound Cable auction

The asset, which began operating in 2005, is attractive because its contract to sell its entire transmission capacity to the Long Island Power Authority until 2032 provides a stable cash flow. Video

Trends in Eastern European real estate investments with W. P. Carey

Jeffrey Lefleur, managing director at W. P. Carey, is an expert on the real estate investment market in Europe, having recently spearheaded several transactions in Eastern Europe. He discusses economic conditions on the continent, especially as regards the credit market, and describes how eastern Europe reflects or contrasts with the broader regional trends. Video

Google-led group backs virtual reality company Magic Leap

The Florida-based company that is developing a mysterious technology called ″Cinematic Reality″ gets a $542 million investment. Video

Sears proposed rights offering to raise much needed cash

The Deal's senior editor Jamie Mason talks to colleague and senior writer Richard Collings about Sears Holdings approval of a rights offering to its shareholders, that could raise over $600 million in cash for the troubled retailer. Video

Real estate investing breaks borders; players partner with startups

Catalus Capital is a smaller LBO firm taking on the big players in the real estate space, pursuing international deals, and Marek Olszewski, managing partner with the firm, joins to talk about which startup he's partnering with, and international deals. Video

Comcast, Time Warner concessions may promote new broadband

Antitrust scrutiny of the cablers' $67 billion merger is bringing over-the-top television into the picture as regulators try to gauge the deal′s effect on programming. Video

Serial acquirer Zayo goes public after rolling up fiber rivals

Dan Caruso, the networker's chairman and CEO, talks consolidation, overseas expansion and PE exits with The Deal′s Chris Nolter on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Video

Bain moves into China′s financial services sector

The firm has already invested more than $1 billion in Chinese companies, but those acquisitions have come in other industries. This week Bain agreed to pay about $164 million for an 80% stake in Lionbridge Capital. Video

Pet products e-tailers hit the auction block

Foster and Smith, TABcom and PetFlow are among the potential targets catering to our furry friends. Both strategics and private equity firms are expected to bid on the businesses. Video

NHL action heats up on and off the ice, sports M&A talk

National Hockey League owners may be celebrating Christmas early, given the news that one franchise, just a few years removed from bankruptcy and still with severe losses and horrible attendance, has seen its valuation rise 75% in just 14 months. Video

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