December 7, 2017


Watch live on December 7th as we examine how limited partners intend to allocate funds to general partners in the next year, what level of commitment they expect to make to alternative investments, which sectors they think are most promising, and what they require from GPs in the way of transparency and data protection. The Deal in partnership with Intralinks, will feature the findings of a recent survey of 100 LPs by Intralinks and Global Funds Media, which shows that 30% allocate funds to alternatives, and that two thirds plan to increase their allocation by as much as 10% during the next 12 months, intimating that these assets remain a key component of institutional portfolios. A 5% increase could add an extra $335 billion, for example, bringing net inflows to $703 billion. The survey also found that more than 50% of the respondents want to invest in technology assets, suggesting that the trend in areas such as Fintech and Regtech, and asset valuations in technology at large, remain favorable. A significant percentage of respondents also indicated a clear interest in health and infrastructure assets. But only 18% of the respondents were very satisfied by the level of transparency provided by GPs, suggesting that strategic opportunities remain for those among the latter that take transparency reporting more seriously. In addition, the survey found that almost a quarter LPs have concerns over data protection and the compliance requirements of pending regulation that will require GPs by May 2018 to inform LPs how their information is being handled.



Meghan McAlpine
Director of Strategy and Product Marketing

As Director of Strategy and Product Marketing for Intralinks, Ms. McAlpine is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and driving the growth of Fundspace, the leading communication platform for Alternative Investment fund managers and investors. Prior to joining Intralinks, Ms. McAlpine worked in the Private Fund Group at Credit Suisse. While at Credit Suisse, she raised capital from institutional and high net worth investors for domestic and international private equity firms. Before Credit Suisse, Ms. McAlpine worked in the Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Advisory Group at Deutsche Bank focusing on the Healthcare industry. Ms. McAlpine graduated from Georgetown University with a BSBA in Finance.