Corporate Sustainability Seminar

Apr. 28, 2021 - Apr. 29, 2021

About This Event

As the Biden administration seeks to reinstate many climate regulations rolled back by the Trump administration, many companies must prepare for new challenges in the years ahead when it comes to sustainability. From tech giants to oil behemoths to retail empires, everyone is seeking to adjust as standards for corporate sustainability continue to evolve.

The Deal’s Corporate Sustainability Seminar explores what companies large and small are doing to create more sustainable businesses. How are they adjusting to ever-changing standards and what implications might the Biden Administration have on investors and dealmakers who care about ESG and sustainability issues?


Greener Pastures Ahead? ESG and Sustainability Under the Biden Administration

As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase, professional communications and good intentions are no longer enough, and companies are recognizing the need to act on ESG and sustainability agendas. The Biden Administration has pledged to make critical strides in stopping the tide of the climate crisis that may mean greater support for decarbonization, a shift to renewables and efforts to realize a more circular economy. What impacts can we expect for investors, dealmakers and the market?

Exploring ESG With Purpose

When it comes to environmental, social and governance issues, what is the right mission and purpose for a corporation in 2021? Should companies be held responsible not only for their financial performance, but their successes or failures on environmental and social issues as well? How can positive change be achieved and measured at the governance level? How can companies institute ESG initiatives with a purpose, and not just perception?

Transforming the Global Economy with Sustainable Innovation

As companies evolve, they often change how they approach new opportunities, solve problems and enhance shareholder value. The process typically stimulates creativity by implementing new technology and process improvements that enable companies to do more with less negative impacts on the environment, society, employees and stakeholders. How should companies be integrating environmental, social and financial considerations into their culture from idea generation, to research and development and through commercialization?

The Shift Toward More Eco-Friendly Practices

Some of the world’s largest and most recognizable companies are committed to investing in sustainable practices and working toward carbon neutral operations. Surveys have indicated that consumers today are actually buying sustainably marketed and eco-friendly products, not just saying they want them. But is it possible for companies to implement carbon-neutral, and more sustainable practices without severely effecting profits? Are investors and shareholders truly content with sacrificing returns in the name of promoting more eco-friendly operations? This panel will explore the best path forward for companies seeking to make a shift toward reducing their carbon footprint.

Managing Disruptive Risk at the Board Level

The disruptions of 2020 have strengthened the importance of risk assessment and processes to respond quickly to high impact ESG-related events and risks. As companies around the globe evaluate and revise their business models, they must put in place stronger operational models and processes focused on the management of business vulnerabilities. What is the board’s role in addressing disruptive risk, and what tools are available to directors related to ESG and sustainability risks?

Driving Diversity Not Just for Inclusion’s Sake

Diversity isn’t just a mandate from a federal or state agency; it’s a necessity for successful business. But diversity isn’t always easy and enacting such change can often come at a snail’s pace. What are companies doing to encourage diversity from top to bottom both in terms of gender divides but also racial and cultural divides? How do companies operating in multiple jurisdictions where such standards may differ navigate such circumstances?

The Best of Both Worlds: Exploring Public and Private Sector Collaboration

Many feel that the world’s social and environmental issues are too large for the public or private sectors to attempt to attack alone. Can the collaborative efforts of government, businesses and non-profits use their individual strengths as an effective tool to deliver change? At every level of governance, public-private partnerships are allowing public entities to meet their sustainability goals while also benefiting the business.

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