The Deal Economy Dallas

May. 06, 2020
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

About This Event

The middle market continues to be ripe for deal activity as U.S. corporations and private equity firms look down market to deploy capital. Still, with multiples also at highs and threats of a trade war and a potential economic slowdown, how are dealmakers navigating the current market?

A stream of healthcare, technology, financial services and manufacturing transactions in the middle market have fueled private equity dealmakers. At the same time, dealmakers in the middle market are also expanding their reach to new geographies and nascent industries. With mounds of cash still in their coffers, rapid capital deployment remains imperative as quality and affordable targets become increasingly difficult to source.

Join senior corporate executives, influential dealmakers and investors for a day of networking and discussion about the outlook for transactions in the middle market.



State of the Market: Dealing with Potential Disruption and Economic Cycles
Potential economic headwinds have slowed large-cap dealmaking while the middle market remains active. Sectors including software as a service (SaaS), healthcare IT, logistics and business services are some of the ripest areas of private capital investment. How are investors navigating the current market? And how are businesses dealing with potential disruption and economic cycles? Are corporations, investors and advisers having success with cross-border deals?
A New Wave of Private Equity and Venture Capital
Growth capital is all the rage. But what differentiates growth capital from venture capital? This panel seeks to explore the blurring of the lines between venture capital and private equity. With increased competition in the lower middle market from both groups of investor types, how have multiples for small-cap companies vacillated, and how are fund managers dealing with going down-market?
Opportunities for Private Equity in Restructuring
With every failed retailer or energy company, opportunities arise for private equity. Whether it's real estate, debt at a steep discount or a name brand begging for a turnaround, private equity has found bankruptcy and distressed assets a profit center for some time. But not all pieces of coal turn into diamonds. What strategies are private equity firms employing in distressed situations, and what challenges do these situations pose to managing directors, advisers and executives?
Balancing Sustainability and Growth
Eco-friendly, socially conscious and pro-governance investments have been hailed recently with a surge in focus on ESG initiatives. But sustainability and profitability don’t always go hand-in-hand. How can dealmakers balance sustainable investments with profits and long-term growth? What are the biggest challenges facing companies making a pivot to more sustainable practices, be it in manufacturing, operations or dealmaking?
Carve-Outs and Divestitures
As corporate dealmakers feel pressure to streamline businesses, divestitures become a normal course of portfolio management. How do dealmakers manage the process of identifying noncore assets and bringing them to market? What roadblocks are often faced in the process and what challenges face corporates looking to sell assets? On the other side of the table, what opportunities do divestitures give private equity firms and other bidders?
Finding the Source
Whether it's a few high-profile managing directors with an overflowing Rolodex or sprawling teams of business development folks across the globe, firms are investing big bucks in sourcing deals. In many cases they are looking to avoid costly auctions and sign exclusive, negotiated deals that don’t hit such high multiples as investment bank-led processes. How are PE firms and corporations alike sourcing deals, and what other factors have led to an increased focus on how deals are sourced? What challenges are posed in working through cross-border deals from a regulatory, cultural and fiscal standpoint?
Add-Ons Add Up
Typically, dealmakers view add-on or bolt-on deals in two categories: same products, new markets or new products, same markets. Each style of dealmaking carries its own challenges. Expanding into new geographies through deals poses regulatory, cultural and financial roadblocks. At the same time, adding new products also poses its own challenges in sales integration, systems and staffing. What challenges are posed in due diligence in cementing an innovative deal and how do dealmakers maneuver through those issues?


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The Deal Economy conference attracts senior executives, dealmakers and investors from a variety of sectors. Attendees will walk away with smart strategies, actionable tactics and connections to the people who are shaping the future of dealmaking in the middle market.


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