Navigating the Dueling Perspectives of Virtual and In-Person Dealmaking in a Post-Pandemic World

Jul. 21, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

About This Event

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies were presented with unprecedented roadblocks to doing business. Face-to-face meetings became impossible, especially across borders. In response, the corporate, private equity and banking worlds relied on interactive virtual tools to maintain important relationships and navigate deals. Today, as these organizations consider their business interactions in a post-pandemic world, new challenges are arising. Workforces are split between a desire to get back to the office and retain the freedom of the work-from-home lifestyle. Some firms are urging employees to prepare for a return, while others are touting continued remote working capabilities as a competitive advantage.

As these dueling perspectives emerge, operations executives must weigh the pros and cons of their firm’s tactics during and before the pandemic and decide how to develop the proper support infrastructure for the hybrid model of the future. Banks and other advisers, meanwhile, must determine how to best meet the needs of these clients. Will travel budgets ever return to pre-pandemic levels? Are your organization’s data and information security infrastructure strong enough to support a hybrid workforce? Can one firm remain largely virtual while remaining relevant and competing with another that conducts business almost entirely in-person?

Join us on July 21st as The Deal sits down for a live discussion with Williams Lea, who has surveyed the market for these answers as they seek to solve the most critical shortcomings in virtual and in-person transaction processes.


Patrick J. Suehnholz
Managing Director, Greenhill & Co., LLC

Mr. Suehnholz joined Greenhill in 2011. He principally advises financial sponsors and corporate clients across a wide range of industries on a variety of M&A and corporate finance transactions.

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Adi Blum
Managing Director, Blackrock
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Edward Manheimer
Managing Director, Power & Utility M&A, Morgan Stanley
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Ed Rasmussen
Managing Director, Global Financial and Professional Services, Williams Lea
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