Podcast Series: T-Mobile Sprint: Winning the Case The Experts Said Couldn’t be Won

Dec. 07, 2020


In April 2018, perhaps one of the most highly anticipated deals in recent memory entered into the full public spotlight as T-Mobile and Sprint announced plans to merge for $26.5 Billion. With several previous attempts over the past decade to decrease the number of U.S. wireless carriers cut short by regulators, T-Mobile and Sprint were assured a scrupulous review from the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Committee. In this instance, the pair would also find themselves in a multi-state litigation effort to block the deal, led by California and New York. This past April, with the help of some major divestitures and conditions, T-Mobile and Sprint closed their merger after almost two years of regulatory reviews and courtroom battles, transforming the wireless communications market into an arena of three superpowers.

This series of three podcasts discusses the landmark T-Mobile and Sprint merger and the onerous process to see it close.


David Miller
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, T-Mobile

Dave Miller oversees all legal affairs and government affairs functions of T-Mobile US, Inc.

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Laura Buckland
Senior Vice President, Chief Litigation and IP Counsel, T-Mobile USA, Inc.
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George Cary
Partner, Cleary Gottlieb
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Daniel Culley
Partner, Cleary Gottlieb
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Dave Gelfand
Partner, Cleary Gottlieb
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Mark Nelson
Partner, Cleary Gottlieb
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Melissa Scanlan
Vice President, Antitrust & Intellectual Property, T-Mobile USA, Inc.
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Podcast 1 - Available On-Demand

Cleary Gottlieb partner Mark Nelson and T-Mobile EVP and general counsel David Miller kick off a series of three podcasts dedicated to the landmark T-Mobile/Sprint merger. This first episode will cover the overall strategy to obtain successful clearance for the transaction, including the development of the business case and the public and regulatory messaging, and the strategy for DOJ, FCC, the Hill, state AGs, state PUCs, etc.

Podcast 1 Report

A brief summary about the podcast and its findings.

Podcast 2 - Available On-Demand

Cleary Gottlieb partners George Cary and Daniel Culley and T-Mobile SVP of Litigation and IP Laura Buckland join The Deal for the second in our podcast series focused on the landmark T-Mobile/Sprint merger. In this discussion, we will deconstruct U.S. District Judge Victor’s Marrero’s decision to approve the merger and the experience of the trial to illuminate the implications for future dealmaking.

Podcast 2 Report

A brief summary about the podcast and its findings.

Podcast 3 - Available On-Demand

This episode will explore the implications of the T-Mobile/Sprint court decision for regulatory approval in future deals. Joining The Deal are Melissa Scanlan, who oversees antitrust law in T-Mobile’s legal department and was closely involved in the merger and the litigation, and Dave Gelfand who was one of the lead lawyers on the Cleary Gottlieb trial team. They will discuss how the court’s decision might be used by future litigants, what it might mean for future attempts by state enforcers to diverge from federal enforcers, and lessons for future strategies to navigate deals through government review processes.

Podcast 3 Report

A brief summary about the podcast and its findings.


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