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THE DEAL Pioneers in deal journalism

In the 1990s Bruce Wasserstein, a veteran dealmaker with over 40 years of finance, media, law and investment banking experience, saw that mainstream media seriously lacked a deep focus on the thousands of transactions driving the economy. He had a vision to create a first-class newsroom focused solely on this underreported space, the cross-section of mergers and acquisitions and all other changes in corporate control.

Enter The Deal. Founded in March 2000 and staffed by a handful of journalists, The Deal's mission was and still is to report on news, people and tactics surrounding what we refer to as "the deal economy", a set of interrelated deal activities driving corporate growth in a continually changing global market. We launched with The Daily Deal and quickly grew into a multi-media company with a reputation for quality research and reporting.

Although the news business has changed our community has remained constant. We write for "dealmakers"—bankers, lawyers, corporate dealmakers, private equity professionals, hedge funds and institutional investors—who crave sophisticated insight and analysis on all types of deals from inception through maturity to integration.

Today, while other media outlets have entered this space since our launch, The Deal has continued to be a pioneer. We have expanded our newsroom both in size and coverage to offer our readers the most comprehensive insight on potential and existing deals of all sizes. Our transaction information service, The Deal Pipeline, is used by leading firms worldwide and offers all of our proprietary research and reporting including a breaking news service (First Take); daily and weekly sector newsletters; a twice-daily report of the day’s top stories (The Daily Deal); a research center with over a decade’s worth of reporting and a database of over 117,000 deals; and an exclusive iPad app.

Our marketing and media services group produces The Deal Economy, the industry’s leading forecasting event held annually at the New York Stock Exchange, in addition to industry webcasts and integrated marketing programs for leading firms looking to connect with the world’s most influential dealmakers.

The Deal will continue to serve its community as the deal economy evolves, and we look forward to sharing that journey with you.