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The Deal is your source for breaking alerts covering your entire portfolio. Keep up to date with the latest developments and source new ideas through our expansive coverage and forward-looking analysis.

Rumors, Exclusives & Opportunities

Get ahead of the competition. Learn about potential deals before they occur and be the first to know about breaking transactions with customized alerts.

Company and Deal Data

Be informed about every aspect of you portfolio with robust data. Easily answer any research question with advanced search capabilties.

Forward-Thinking Analysis

Get access to exclusive coverage and insights. Stay ahead of the competition by tracking trends in the market and investing in the “next big thing.”

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Whether you need a daily source for deal coverage at a glance, a robust research solution or specialized insight into specific sectors, The Deal’s got you covered. Learn more about the products your peers rely on.

Four-Pillar Coverage

The Daily Deal & Deal Insider Newsletters
Always stay up-to-date with the top stories and events across deal types and sectors. Get ahead of the curve with exclusives and forward-looking analysis.

M&A Tipsheet Newsletter and Opportunities & Rumors Alerts
Everything you need to know about M&A, including curated rumors, opportunities and auction intelligence, as well as the people behind them. Get the benefit of our editorial team’s combined years of experience through their proprietary ideas.

Activist Weekly & Daily
Breaking and in-depth coverage of the latest insurgent campaigns between activist investors and the world’s top corporations. Stay ahead of the trends with analysis of the companies ripe for activists and people driving shareholder campaigns globally.

Restructuring Insider & Daily
Get the precedent-setting perspective on current bankruptcy and restructuring situations plus weekly takes on the latest companies feeling the pressure of leverage that will likely need advisory assistance.

Data & Alerts

Customizable Search & Alerts
Save your searches and get instant notifications on the people, companies, deals, regions, etc. that are relevant to your business. Never miss another important update or breaking development again with The Deal’s email alerts.

Company, Deal & People Database
Make research a breeze by accessing the data behind the intelligence. Get the 360° view through our robust database of company reports, deal memos and dealmaker and adviser profiles.

Geographic & Sector Coverage

Sector Emails
Get daily updates, exclusives and analysis across the sectors critical to your business, including consumer and retail, real estate, energy, regulatory, healthcare, industrials and telecommunications, media and technology.

Unique Analysis

Public Markets Alert
Always stay in the loop with the latest scoops and exclusives on the public markets.

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