Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: The Deal’s Bankruptcy and M&A Message Boards are now being phased out. To learn more about how to submit your deals, please read below or contact

Submitting Deals

Why should I contribute my firm’s deals to The Deal?
The Deal has been serving corporate dealmakers, advisers and institutional investors since 1999. By submitting your deals to us, your transactions are being added to our comprehensive coverage and advisory information of M&A, bankruptcies, auctions, financing and private equity. By becoming a partner, you are able to highlight your firm’s position within the deal community, ensuring maximum recognition in our rankings and accurately positioning your firm as industry experts among industry peers.

How can I submit my firm’s deals?
Please feel free to submit all global deals in spreadsheets, press releases, pdfs or any other format that is the most convenient for you. You can send M&A, bankruptcy, out of court restructuring, capital markets, auctions and PIPEs to and they will be forwarded to the appropriate department within The Deal. If you’d like us to create a generic template for you to submit with, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you with this.

What were Message Boards?
The M&A and Bankruptcy Message Boards were digital platforms that allowed firms in the dealmaking community to submit their deals to The Deal.
In its place, The Deal is now opting to use deal submission spreadsheets to make the process quicker and more convenient for our users and allow our expanded data team to update your information without delay.

Do I have to be a client of The Deal in order to submit my deals?
No! We welcome subscribers and non-subscribers to submit deals. You can still have deals on The Deal or rank in our league tables without being a client.

What is the criteria for submitting deals?
You are welcome to submit any deal that your firm is involved in! The Deal focuses on, but is not limited to deals in M&A, restructuring, auctions, private equity. You can send your firm’s deals to our data team and they will determine which deals match our criteria. Each type of deal has a specific criteria, so visit or contact to learn more about our criteria.

Should I submit a deal that does not meet ranking criteria?
Yes! Please submit all valid deals globally and our system will pick up the eligible deals.

Do you accept global deals?
Yes! If you have global deals, please include those deals in your submission. Our deal database is always expanding and we have changed our criteria recently to reflect international dealmaking.

What roles do you accept?
We usually accept any advisory roles for our deals. For professionals, we accept senior-level roles only, including partners, managing partners, managing directors, etc.

League Tables

What is the criteria to be included in league tables?
The Deal publishes league tables throughout the year, including M&A, Bankruptcy, Out-of-Court Restructuring, PIPEs, and Life Settlements rankings. Each type of deal has a specific criteria, so visit or contact to learn more about our criteria. You are also welcome to include any deals in your submission and our data team will determine if it meets the respective league table’s criteria.

When are your submission deadlines?
Our quarterly submission deadlines are at the end of the first business day after the prior quarter closes. We also send a reminder note close to the deadline.

How can I be made aware of upcoming deadlines and when the rankings are published?
Please contact and we can add you to our alert list.

When are the rankings published?
Our rankings are typically published a couple weeks after the quarter ends. Contact for the deadline for the particular league table of interest.

Where are rankings published?
We publish our rankings, along with a story written by a senior journalist, in The Daily Deal at the beginning of the publishing week. There will be an abbreviated ranking list available at

How are advisory firms credited with deals during a particular quarter?
Our M&A rankings are based on announced date only, we do not factor in completion dates.
Credited bankruptcy deals are based on an adviser being active on a particular case during the quarter in question. Bankruptcy cases could be filed at any point in the past, but before the beginning of the following quarter.

How are firms ranked?
At this time, M&A and PE deals are only ranked by deal totals, we do not rank by deal volume. Bankruptcy league tables are ranked by number of cases and by volume. PIPE league tables are ranked by total dollars and number of placements. Life Settlements league tables are ranked by the number of settlements.

For any additional questions you may have, contact