Founder- or Family-Owned Insights

Proprietary insights empowering dealmaking professionals with the tools needed for deal origination, deep value creation, peer and industry analysis around founder- or family-owned businesses in the middle market.

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Unlock our private company insights to discover founder- or family-owned M&A targets.

Advantages of Our Insights

Our investigative journalists engage with senior executives at hundreds of founder- or family-owned businesses in trending sub-sectors across the middle market to help you elevate your portfolio and source value-creating deal opportunities. From a private company’s financial performance and valuation to its willingness to engage with outside investors, our founder- or family-owned exclusives provide company intelligence you can act on.

Idea Generation

Uncover Outside Investment Opportunities
Understand the strategic intent of the private company and whether or not they’re looking for a change of control.

Identify Value Drivers
Analyze the operational and commercial growth levers identified by founders, owners and senior executives to help you create more value.

Explore Trends Across the Market
Find out what ownership is seeing and feeling within the industry.


Reveal Private Company Financials
Access on-the-record valuations directly from those who run the business.

Obtain Growth Metrics
Conduct your due diligence by examining company performance and forecasts.

Take Advantage of Primary-Sourced Insights
Use the exclusive information, unobtainable through public sources, to your advantage.

Risk Management

Leverage Your Due Diligence
Combine our curated insights with your data and internal knowledge.

Supercharge Your Pitches
Use our privately-sourced insights to separate your pitch from others in the market.

Conduct Peer Analysis
Research a company’s peer grouping that we provide for you to gain a deeper knowledge of the sub-sector.

The Solution For You

Whether you’re looking for support with deal origination in the middle market, monitoring the competitive landscape or staying current with data and analysis, The Deal’s got you covered.

Private Equity

Looking for new platforms, roll-up or add-on opportunities? Identify private companies that fit your strategy with The Deal’s curated founder- or family-owned insights.

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Investment Banks

Take advantage of The Deal’s founder- or family-owned insights to uncover private companies in the middle market that would benefit from your advisory expertise.

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Law Firms

Leverage our founder- or family-owned insights to discover private companies in need of legal expertise and M&A guidance.

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