Do I need permission to use content from The Deal on my website, newsletters, presentations, and communications?
Yes, all use of content (text, photographs, graphics, article, data etc.) requires the permission of The Deal.

I am an academic. How do I obtain permissions of The Deal’s content for classroom use?
The use of The Deal’s content for academic purposes is handled by the Copyright Clearance Center found at
When articles or photographs are credited to a source other than The Deal (such as the Associated Press, Reuters or AFP), it is most likely that the credited source holds the rights to the material and those sources should be contacted directly for rights.

Do I need permission to e-mail a link to an article?
No, the "Share" feature that appears on article pages allows you to distribute a link by e-mail to recipients of your choosing. The use of this feature is limited to personal, noncommercial purposes only.

May I use portions of The Deal’s articles, such as quotes or excerpts?
Permission must be obtained when using quotes or excerpts from The Deal. Editing and adapting content for other use is not permitted.