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Behind the Buyouts: VSS's Stevenson Takes the Long View

By Steve Gelsi
Published: September 23rd, 2020
VSS' Jeffrey Stevenson says the firm's focus on subscription revenue in the media and business information services sectors led it to sharpen its focus on SaaS and healthcare IT deals in recent years.
Mergers & Acquisitions

Covid Trumps Trump-Biden as Top M&A Concern

By Tom Terrarosa
Published: September 22nd, 2020
The focus for 2021 remains how to set up business for a post-Covid world, rather than worrying about tax changes and other potential shifts stemming from the November elections, according to panelists at The Deal Economy virtual event.
Private Equity

Software Investing Gains Nuance During Pandemic

By Chris Nolter
Published: September 18th, 2020
Insight Partners managing director Lonne Jaffe discusses trends in growth software, investing during the Covid-19 outbreak and the firm's $9.5 billion fund.