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ProbablyMonsters Sells Firewalk Studios to Sony

By The Deal Staff
Published: April 28th, 2023
Digital entertainment company Sony Interactive Entertainment will acquire the developer of multiplayer games for an undisclosed amount.

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC on April 20 announced that it will acquire Firewalk Studios from ProbablyMonsters Inc.

The company did not disclose the terms of the transaction for Firewalk, which is developing an original high-budget multiplayer game for Sony’s PlayStation5 console and PCs.

In July, San Mateo, Calif.-based video games console developer Sony Interactive acquired Bungie Inc. for $3.6 billion. The Deal then called Bellevue, Wash.-based ProbablyMonters a potential M&A target.

Former Bungie CEO Harold Ryan founded ProbablyMonsters Inc. in 2016, and Firewalk was formed in 2018 to build sustainable game teams focusing on original AAA games — meaning large-budget titles produced by a major publisher. Firewalk will be the 20th studio to join PlayStation Studios.

In April 2021, ProbablyMonsters and Firewalk had announced an exclusive publishing partnership with Sony Interactive.

Firewalk is led by studio head Tony Hsu, a former Activision Inc. executive, and game director Ryan Ellis, a former creative director at Bungie, who collectively have years of expertise on some of gaming’s most successful multiplayer titles.

Sony said Firewalk will collaborate with Bungie and Haven Interactive Studios gaming development teams to produce a new era of live service experiences for PlayStation gamers.

Last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment also acquired Savage Game Studios, and Haven Entertainment Studios Inc.

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