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AE Industrial Platform Adds Outer Space Manufacturing Specialist

Published: June 30th, 2020
Redwire, recently formed platform company, acquires Made In Space, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based specialist in manufacturing technologies to be used in space, in its first add-on deal.

Redwire LLC, a recently formed platform backed by AE Industrial Partners LP with a focus on the space industry, has closed its first add-on deal by paying an undisclosed sum for Made In Space Inc., a specialist in manufacturing in outer space.

Redwire sourced the deal on a proprietary basis, according to a person familiar with the deal.

The acquisition, which was announced on Tuesday, June 23, includes Made In Space Europe, based in Luxembourg, a provider of robotic systems for the global space industry.

Founded in 2010, Jacksonville, Fla.-based Made In Space (MIS), has worked with NASA on space manufacturing projects including the Archinaut program to build large-scale space assets while in orbit around the Earth.

Redwire will add MIS’s capabilities to its existing business of making space sensors and payloads, flight hardware, and exploration spacecraft.

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