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Webcast: Corporate Dealmaking Amid Covid-19: Restructurings, Carve-Outs and Divestitures

Published: June 22nd, 2020
The Deal has teamed up with global communications firm Edelman to explore the new challenges dealmakers encounter while conducting deals during the Covid-19 pandemic. Tune-in as we sit down and pick the brains of top strategic dealmakers on the best tactics and approaches for doing deals.

Has the Covid-19 pandemic destroyed the dealmaking environment or just changed the landscape? As companies are struggling to stay afloat, keep jobs secure and manage shareholder expectations, how can dealmakers do their part to manage the process of identifying noncore assets and bring them to market? What roadblocks are they facing when looking to sell in this difficult environment? What struggles exist in the process of acquiring assets in a social distanced world? Is it even possible to get a deal done virtually? On the other side of the table, what opportunities do divestitures give private equity firms and other bidders? Is this a buying opportunity to for companies looking to expand?


      • Kristy N. Waterman (Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Dean Foods)
      • Andrea Kramer (Managing Director, Hamilton Lane)
      • Arielle Patrick (Senior Vice President, Transaction Director, Financial Communications & Capital Markets, Edelman)
      • Steve Gelsi (Senior Reporter, The Deal)

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