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The Deal Webcasts with Grant Thornton: How Should Buyers Define Deal Success?

Published: May 20th, 2020

Dealmakers are finding themselves in perhaps the most competitive market they’ve seen in quite some time. In 2019, conversations over the speed at which due diligence processes have been occurring have become common place. Coupled with the rising concerns over economic uncertainty, strategic and financial bidders face a sleuth of new challenges when it comes to deciding whether to pull the trigger on transactions.

Today, buyers must make a concerted effort to ensure they have the right tools in the toolbox for identifying appropriate transactions and ensuring execution.

  1. How should buyers define deal success?
  2. How long should a typical due diligence process take, and what components of the process should take the greatest percentage of time and care during a review?
  3. Are you focused enough on integration early on in the process?
  4. Do you have a deal playbook, and do you stick to each component of that playbook?

The Deal has teamed up with leading transactional services adviser Grant Thornton LLP to answer these questions and more. Tune-in as we sit down and pick the brains of top strategic dealmakers in the consumer, retail and media industries.

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