PRIVATERAISE a service of The Deal

PrivateRaise is the leading provider of PIPE and small-cap equity data, and is used by the leading advisors and investors who are looking for the highest quality and most comprehensive data set on the market.

PrivateRaise is a business development tool used by leading firms active with equity and equity-linked private placements, reverse mergers and special purpose acquisition companies.



Top PIPE advisors and investors find PrivateRaise invaluable.

Find & Close Your Next Deal

The reliable, comprehensive capture of names and terms makes finding your next deal easy. In just a few clicks you can screen for comparable deals allowing you to better locate your next target, create pitchbooks, structure deals, and target investors & agents active in specific markets and deal types.

Perform Valuations

PrivateRaise offers the most comprehensive data set for researching deal structures, comparing terms and creating optimal pricing for transactions. Users can quickly screen recent deals by industry, size, company financials and deal terms.

Save Time

PrivateRaise’s senior research staff ensures an unmatched level of data quality. Our team of analysts has more than 40 years of experience analyzing PIPE and small cap equity finance deals. Allow them to do the heavy lifting on data analysis which will free up your time for more profitable efforts.


PIPE Search

A comprehensive proprietary search engine for identifying transaction opportunities. Using over 50 different criteria, find comparables or analyze a group of transactions by specific issuer criteria — industry, sector, market cap, geography or deal terms — warrant coverage, dollars raised and security type.




The PIPEs Directory

The directory contains over 20,000 profiles for all types of participants active in the PIPE and Registered Direct marketplace. Search for specific Issuers, Investors, Placement Agents, and Law Firms. Each profile includes contact information, deal history, and deal structure preferences and tendencies. Issuer profiles have click-through access to company news, filings, stock prices, graphs and financial data.




PIPE League Tables

The industry’s leading rankings for all deal participants active in the marketplace including Issuers, Investors, Placement Agents, and Law Firms. Tables can be created with over 50 specific criteria and then sorted by total number of transactions as well as total dollars invested, placed, or advised and customized by industry, company size, security type, etc.




PIPE Daily & Intraday Alerts

Get email alerts reviewing timely PIPE activity. Monitor new deals, investors in those deals, significant additions/changes to previously announced deals (such as disclosure of terms, pricing, investors, etc.) and filing/effectiveness of Registration Statements related to previously completed deals. These emails can be customized to only include deals that are important to you.